Maui Relief

Missionary Arza Brown called the mission office on August 9, 2023, as he and Ruth evacuated due to a wildfire near their neighborhood in Maui.  At that time, no one could have imagined the devastation that would ensue.  Though Hurricane Dora was 700 miles away from the island, it remained potent for a long period of time, resulting in strong winds that wouldn’t cease.  The 60-80 mile per hour winds fueled the fire, accelerating it to move across the historic Lahaina neighborhood at an unprecedented speed.

Though Arza and Ruth Brown’s home was destroyed, along with all their possessions, they were able to evacuate safely.  A family opened up their home for the Browns and others who escaped the fire.  Since that time, someone who owns a home in Maui but lives on the mainland has offered their home for the Browns and two other families to live in while they wait for the rebuilding to begin.  Caleb Woodfin (Jake Woodfin’s brother), who also serves at the church, was able to escape the fire with his wife Emily, and their two children, Canaan and Eden.

The Browns, Woodfins, and many of the church members lost their home and all their possessions.  Grace Baptist Church was also destroyed in the fire.  Donations to help with the recovery and rebuilding can be made three different ways:

1. You may send a check marked “Arza Brown, Maui relief” to
WBF Mission Agency
P.O. Box 13459
Arlington, Texas  76012


2. You may call the office at 817-274-7161 to make a donation by credit card.


3. You may click on the “donate” button below (charges will be incurred by paypal).


PayPal charges WBFMA 2.2% plus $0.30 for each credit card transaction which reduces the total donation given to the missionary. You can offset this fee by increasing your donation by 3%.


Please continue to pray for the families and ministries affected by this tragedy.  Beyond their personal needs, Bro. Brown will be using funds to reach out to others in need as well.  Even without a building, the Grace Baptist Church family is already reaching out to the community of Lahaina.  Thank you for your prayers and support for our missionaries in Maui!