Short Term Evangelism Program (STEP)



The World Baptist Fellowship recognizes the great need in these last days to do all we can to advance world-wide missions. We recognize that there are those of all ages in home churches who want to have a more hands on approach to missions and assist missionaries on the field but aren’t ready to make it a lifetime commitment. We also recognize there are those that feel God is leading them into full time service but are still seeking His perfect will in the matter (Romans 12:1-2). Therefore the WBF Mission Agency adopts a Short Term Evangelism Program (STEP) that will sanction believers as Short Term Missionary Helpers allowing them to raise support, get proper orientation, and be united on the field with a host missionary. 



STEP sees believers co-laboring with full time missionaries as they evangelize, minister and establish indigenous Baptist churches around the world.



·   For applicant to apply and be approved to raise support through the banner of WBF Missions.

·   To work with any approved host missionary for a predetermined time.

·   To give an applicant enough of a hands on experience to allow the Lord to lead them to a possible full time  

    commitment to missions.

·   To allow all ages a more flexible opportunity to serve on the field. (i.e.- single, a retired widow, widower or couple).

·   Working with their home church they will have a network of prayer, encouragement and financial advantage

     because the financial burden will be less than for a full time missionary.



Short Term as defined by the WBF Mission Agency is:

·   Any length of time agreed upon up to one year as determined by home church, WBF Mission Agency, host

    missionary and applicant.  

·   This term may be extended upon approval of home church, WBF Mission Agency, host missionary and applicant.

·   This term may be rescinded if the home church, World Baptist Fellowship Mission Agency, or host missionary

    withdraws their approval.



·   A committed believer who is a member of a local Bible believing Baptist church and who has shown a love for and

    further interest in mission work.

·   An applicant may be single, married, widowed, or retired.

·   One who is recommended by their Pastor as someone who would benefit as well as be of assistance to missionaries

    on the field.

·   One who has read and accepts the doctrinal statement of the World Baptist Fellowship Mission Agency and its

    Practices & Principles as they apply to STEP.

·   Someone who already has the financial resources to go but needs approval in other required areas or someone who

    meets all the requirements of STEP but needs to raise support under the banner of the WBF Mission Agency.



Personal Requirements

·   Must be a member in good standing and actively involved in a Bible believing Baptist Church.

·   No younger than 18 years of age.  

·   No restriction on maximum age if health allows.  

·   Must have proof of health insurance.  

·   Must submit a STEP application form to the WBF Mission Agency accompanied by a letter of recommendation from

    their pastor.  

·   Must have at least one year of acceptable experience in some form of Christian service in their local church.

·   Must participate in a STEP training session given by the WBF Mission Agency.

Financial Requirements

·       Upon approval a budget must be established that is set up by the pastor, the Mission Director and host missionary.

·       All approved applicants must raise the support needed for the trip there, the length of stay, and the return trip home.

·       Must agree to funnel all support through the WBF Mission Agency for IRS and accountability purposes.

Upon consideration of the application and consultation with the home pastor approval may be given by the WBF Mission Agency.


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