Candidate For WBFM

Want To Be A WBF Missionary?


A. Spiritual Condition

The work of missions requires Spirit-filled workers with spiritual weapons. These requirements are paramount and can be briefly stated as follows:

1.  A born-again child of God (John 3:5). A genuinely converted person of clean wholesome spiritual life, witnessing to the lost at every opportunity and having a sincere love for souls.

2.  A Baptist by conviction, holding membership in an approved Independent Baptist church (in both name and practice) and being familiar with both Baptist polity and policies and Baptist history and distinctives. 


Note:  It is understood and expected that the local churches reproduced under the leadership of WBF missionaries will be identified as Baptist in both name and practice.


3.  In the English-speaking countries of the world, our missionaries will teach and preach exclusively from the King James Version of the Bible.  When distributing Bibles in the English language, every effort should be made to exclusively distribute the King James Version of the Bible.  This is not only by reason of conviction, but for the sake of consistency in teaching and in encouraging Bible memorization.

B. Physical Condition

1. The candidate must meet missionary health requirements and give satisfactory evidence of mental aptitude and social compatibility. The candidate must have a complete physical examination before approval.

2. No specific age requirements are set forth. Each individual case is considered in the light of circumstances, education, previous experience, and technical skills. Therefore, each candidate will be considered on his or her own merits.

C. Education

1.  A qualified candidate must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.  He must have a diploma or certificate from some acceptable Bible institute, college, or seminary.  Five years of full time Christian service may be accepted in lieu of educational requirements.


Note:  After examination of a missionary candidate by the Mission Committee – should they feel it necessary – it shall remain the prerogative of the Mission Committee to require additional education related to doctrine and/or missionary training.


2. The wife of a qualified candidate must have completed a course of study from an acceptable Bible institute, college, or seminary.  A missionary’s wife is expected to learn the language and have an active part in the ministry of her husband, remembering, however, that her first responsibility is to her home and family.  This does not mean that the Mission looks down on the importance of women in the work, but rather requires that the missionary wife be capable of working with women, young people, and children.  Special abilities and experience in ministry may be acceptable in lieu of educational requirements.

D. Call

A male candidate must have a clear conviction about the call of God to the mission field to preach the Gospel; however, realizing that there are other areas of service supportive of missionary work, other such supportive services will be considered.

E. Marriage

1. Both single and married applicants will be given consideration. In the case of married couples, each must complete the application process, and both will be considered as candidates upon acceptance.

2. Unmarried candidates who are engaged must clearly declare this fact and will be accepted only after both parties have been considered and approved. Unmarried candidates who are not engaged should give prayerful consideration to any contemplated move toward engagement and shall do so only after consultation with the Mission Director.

Applications of engaged couples will be handled together as in the case of married couples.

3. All marriages proposed to be contracted by missionaries on the field are subject to the approval of the sending church and the Mission Committee.

F. Adoption

Due to the many legal and financial challenges involved, adoption of national children is to be considered with caution.  Each case will be reviewed by the sending church and Mission Committee on an individual basis before adoption procedures begin.

G. Divorce

Because of possible complications and the testimony on the field, no missionary or missionary couple shall be approved for missionary service if either husband or wife has been divorced.

Should serious marital difficulties arise between husband and wife, the Mission will make every possible effort to assist them in restoring proper relationships. However, if reconciliation is not reached, the couple will be asked to resign as WBF missionaries.

H. Single Female Applicants

The WBF Mission Agency encourages single female applicants and they, upon approval, will be sent as a missionary or missionary assistant to work with another missionary or national pastor.  Single female applicants will be made aware of the unique challenges involved and will be recognized as missionaries assisting church planters on the field.

I. Citizenship

Non-United States citizens will be considered on a case-by-case basis on the following conditions:

a. Must be married to a citizen of the United States of America and be able to speak English.
b. Must meet the following requirements:
i. The education and internship requirements of the WBF.
ii. Sent from an Independent Baptist Church in the USA which supports other WBF missionaries and the WBF Mission Office.
iii. The non-citizen must maintain legal immigrant status and provide annual verification of their status to their sending pastor and the Mission Office.
iv. In addition to the required recommendations, the candidate must have a recommendation of a WBF missionary in the country of service or region. It is preferred the person making the recommendation NOT be related to the couple when possible.
v. Due to the nature of tax laws related to income derived in the United States by a foreign national, the couple agrees to furnish the WBF Mission Office with a letter from a US tax preparer stating that their taxes are properly filed and paid. This letter must be received annually by the WBF Mission Office no later than 30 days beyond the deadline for filing US income tax returns (normally April 15).
vi. The sending pastor will receive a copy of these policy guidelines and be briefed by the WBFMA Director regarding the nature of these policies. The missionary couple shall furnish the WBF Mission Office with a signed partnership agreement between them and their sending pastor stating their understanding of the responsibility of the couple to maintain compliance, specifically with regard to immigration status and tax laws and the willingness of their pastor to work with the WBF Mission Office should this become an issue. This must be received by the application deadline for missionary approval.

J. Missionary Intern Program

True education is a combination of schooling and experience. If the missionary is to cope with the many adjustments that he will face on the mission field, he should have some practical experience in the pastorate or in working with an experienced pastor or missionary.

The Missionary Intern Program is set up to help the missionary intern get this necessary experience. The genius of intern training is that the intern has a church-centered ministry experience with the pastor; keeping in mind the primary aim is to build into a missionary candidate, through experimental training, many useful tools and ideas that will help him cope with future situations, which may be encountered some day on the mission field. He needs to discover any deficiencies he may have in time to correct them so that he can be a sharp, useful tool in the Master's hand. The Candidate Missionary may get the required experimental training by:

1. Pastoring a church for at least one year, or

2. Working with a pastor or missionary for at least one year.

Note: If a missionary candidate has had pastoral experience or has a working relationship with a pastor or missionary, he may be exempt from the Intern Program requirements. In every case, the Mission Committee will determine whether or not the candidate has met the requirements of the Intern Program.


Please contact the World Baptist Fellowship Mission Agency for an application form.